Web Development

Global Media Venture’s talented web developers have created a portfolio, functional and professional websites. We approach every project with enthusiasm and respect each client as an individual venture.


Our web developers excel in the highly competitive environment of modern web development. We have a wide range of expertise, from traditional web design and web development to mobile web development.

Put simply, we don’t deal in cookie-cutter websites. We have the expertise to approach every project with talented designers who will make sure that you are the only one on the internet.


Our first step is to meet with you to discuss the scope of the project and your expectations for the final result. We will discuss aspects such as your target audience, competition, and the message that you want to communicate with your website.


After we have established the basic parameters of your project, we will dig deeper to determine its scope and address any potential challenges that your web site might face. We will discuss visual design concepts and site architecture, including wireframes and sitemaps.


These terms may seem confusing to you. We will keep you informed throughout the entire web development process, from initial discussions about design to site testing and the moment when we launch your site.


We help you maintain your website after all the excitement and fanfare of launching it. A website is not a static entity. It is not like a statue you create and display for the next generation. Our web development services ensure that your website is always up-to-date and remains an asset for your business, group or organization.

We’ll discuss responsive web design and mobile web development when we meet to discuss your website. We will help you identify your target audience and what is the most popular way for your customers to access your website.


Today’s ecommerce environment is likely to have your customers accessing your site via a tablet or smartphone. Your visitors can access your site from their mobile devices at work or home. Mobile web development makes it easy for them to get the information they need.


You may have ever tried to resize a website using your smartphone, but had trouble finding simple information like the address of a brick-and-mortar business or hours of operation.


These problems can be solved by responsive design and mobile web development. Customers won’t need to search endlessly for the information they are looking for.


Did you know? According to the Pew Research Center, 64% of Americans own a smartphone. 63% of Americans use their smartphones to access the internet.

Web design is about the user experience that your customers have when they visit your website. While web development focuses on the programming beneath the surface of your website to ensure it not only looks good, but works flawlessly.


Global Media Venture has developed the most talented web designers and web developers over the years. We have been able to deliver exceptional results for businesses regardless of their size and budget, thanks to our creative and cooperative efforts.


Are you concerned that your website isn’t performing well? Are you ready for a new look that reflects your brand’s style and isn’t cookie-cutter? Contact us to discuss how we can help improve the web presence of your company and the customer experience when they interact with you. Request your free quote.