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In fact, it’s one of the reasons Dr. Fuchs ultimately pursued the specialty. Forums. thanks . I'd like to hear more from the general internist side opposed to specialists but everyones welcome to share! When I give a medication through the patient’s IV, it takes effect quickly, and I don’t have to wait until the next visit to the clinic to find out if it worked. January 03, 2015 / ADMIN, Last year, I felt like a rising star. “It was an all-of-the-above choice for me. Of that group, many who train in internal medicine do so with the intent to specialize, not to open an office-based general practice. For nine months, my mind was opened to entirely new health concepts I hadn’t … I wanted to quit and end it … Therefore, including an internal medicine personal statement in your application package that helps you stand apart from the crowd is especially important. I was wondering why students who go into primary care choose peds or internal medicine rather than family medicine. And as the federal government and private insurers work to incentivize health care … Sep 14, 2013 410 194 Status. Switching residencies? I … Reply. Now we’re going to pick what to read for the next three weeks strategically. Resources. For internal medicine, the personal statement needs to explain why you are choosing a particular career path and what makes you unique. Internal medicine-pediatrics physicians: their care of children versus care of adults. Some of you may know that I started out in an internal medicine residency and quit for physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R). About SDN Support SDN Media kit Writing for SDN. In my first essay I described my road to applying, discussing how each activity contributed to my understanding of why medicine was right for me. Family medicine is true generalist medicine, requiring knowledge that runs across all ages. Dr. Robert Sargeant has seen firsthand the challenges of dealing with COVID-19 patients in a hospital setting. - cerebralness of internal medicine: you really have to think critically - team-based: frequently going over cases with your colleagues - procedural & hands-on: you can do many procedures like lines, intubating patients, ultrasounds Things I don't like - lifestyle: being on call/paged frequently can interfere with your personal life, if you want to go on vacation, it'll depend on the hospital's schedule - … For example, they could be treating one person with diabetes and another with an ear infection. It draws the best and brightest.” -- David Gremillion, MD, FACP. But --- primary care is NOT equal to internal medicine. This was a “narrative resume” personal statement, and – as I later learned – was a mistake. Physician. the most subspecialities-IM will allow me to learn to treat patients with complicated multi-system disease processes What advantages are there in IM in your opinion? Internal medicine because it was cerebral, stretching the limits of my medical knowledge and pushing me to think creatively about a patient’s symptoms to get to the bottom of what her body was telling us. Tried internal medicine. My involvement in activities both inside and outside of medicine has made me well-rounded and enables me to work effectively with different types of people … Academic Medicine. Internal medicine is a great field for those who appreciate variety. I remember sitting in the call room during my ICU month, talking to my mother about how badly I wanted to quit and what my … The underpinnings of internal medicine began in Germany in the late 1800’s when the amount of medically-related basic science knowledge (such as … But entirely doable. Most of the great leaders in medicine in general have come from internal medicine because of the breadth and depth of its academic and clinical work. Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Tumblr WhatsApp Email Share Link. The second year’s was … In the 1800s, German physicians were incorporating knowledge from the sciences of bacteriology (study of bacteria), physiology (study of how the body functions) and pathology (the study of diseases) into their treatment plans. Granted a lot of those internal medicine residents will probably do a fellowship, but 2 vs. 47 is still a large difference. This applicant describes his experience caring closely for his mother and concludes: “After it was all over and I was back on my feet, I decided I wanted to put myself back in a situation in which I could help others who were ill.” Similarly, this applicant recognizes that the act of caring for his alcoholic and abused mother … 10+ Year Member. I liked them both and I feel there is quite a bit of overlap. Professions. On Being a Doctor (multiple volumes), by Michael LaCombe, MD, and Christine Laine, MD, MPH. V. visari. This way you can complete your second round of UWORLD by the start/middle of week 8. Other Subspecialties. Why use Mg sulfate vs Mg Oxide to replete … Despite so many applicants with a variety of long-term goals either in IM … For these reasons, a career in Internal Medicine would satisfy both my thirst for knowledge and my desire for strong patient relationships. Being Mortal, by Atul Gawande, MD, MPH. Try them out for yourself! Even though it's arguably what society needs the most. For many, it is the chance to do both pediatrics and obstetrics that puts it above the other specialties; for others, it’s the wild range of opportunities in areas like urgent care, emergency, dermatology, sports medicine, adolescent medicine and palliative care. 10+ Year Member. Furthermore, I know that I have the skill set and the drive that will help me become a caring and competent physician. -Internal Medicine has the most flexibility of any field in terms of working as a hospitalist, in outpatient, or pursuing a fellowship. Resident [Any Field] Apr 27, 2009 #2 BlueAvenue said: I'd like to hear from … The so called why medicine question is a guaranteed to be asked at every interview. or take … 2004 4. When I got that I had failed, I was completely devastated, crushed, immediately went into depression. MPPDA Annual Meeting with American Board of Internal Medicine and American Board of Pediatrics. Why is my patient receiving diuretics? Weiner is an associate professor of neonatal-perinatal medicine, and the director of the Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Training Program. Because an internal medicine (IM) residency is an essential step towards a career in numerous sub-specialties, IM residency matching is particularly competitive. The fact that I genuinely enjoyed being in the operating room was the critical factor. It is something you must tackle in the opening line of your personal statement. During his internship (near the end of the season), he is diagnosed with infective endocarditis, his medical history is ASD (diagnosed and fixed when he was an infant), and a mitral tissue valve replacement during medical school because of severe MR. What are … Dental; Podiatry; Medical; Psychology; Optometry; Rehab Sciences; Pharmacy; Veterinary; About. I'd like to hear from all the residents and attendings why you chose internal medicine. In the first episode, he visits a cardiologist... what happens the first time you visit? Physician / Resident Forums [ MD / DO ] Internal Medicine and IM Subspecialties. About the Ads. Look at your … Once you finish all of the internal medicine questions, go back again but just do the marked questions. Jun 9, 2004 2,207 0 hiding from a code Status. In fact, good answers are so scarce that there is a tendency by some interviewers to allow crappy answers a pass, as long as it doesn’t include one of the It goes without saying that it should be well written; it also needs to be succinct and direct. Practice options after residency run the gamut, … jdh71 Grim Optimist. Divide however many questions you have by 21-24 days. The Council on Graduate Medical Education estimates a deficit of tens of thousands and as many as 197,000 generalists by 2020, out of a total projected number of roughly a million full-time equivalent docs (there were 781,200 full-time equivalent … Some physicians choose to train in both pediatrics and general medicine, in what’s called a “med/peds” route. Furthermore, many health plans still indirectly utilize primary care physicians as cost managers by requiring primary care referrals to … Glossary … Reactions: shadingthedream , tundri, flipmd and 1 other person. Fines was on the fence about what field to do her residency in when she graduated in 2013. Majority of graduates either go on to become specialists, such as pulmonologists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, etc. These numbers are bad news. … iatrosB trying not to kill anyone. Bedside: The Art of Medicine, by Michael LaCombe, MD. 5+ Year Member. Books every medical student interested in internal medicine should be reading: I love books so much that answering a question like this is very challenging. This is not the time to brush off your creative writing skills: we have all been warned that personal statements that use a SOAP note structure to be cute, or a yellow brick road theme to be … I felt great, studied hard and long and did MKSAP twice. Academic Medicine 2005;80:858-64. Internal medicine physicians, or internists, are specialists who apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum … … I sit down with Dr. Tariq Azam, an Internal Medicine chief resident at Mayo Clinic! The internal medicine rotation became much easier using these scuttsheets. However it's surprising to see that only 2 people went into family medicine at my school, while 13 went into peds and 47 went into internal medicine. I could not work, my relationship with my fiancé suffered, and I felt alienated. I started my chief year, applied to cardiology fellowship, and was ready to take the boards. Always Be Inquisitive: Get used to asking yourself internally “why” all the time. Reply. Internal Medicine Physician: Similar to above, they have completed their three years of post-med school education, a 3 year residency, are licensed and Board certified. 2015 5. Clearly there are a lot of factors involved besides the $ / work-time ratio. Between my third and fourth years of medical school, I pursued a master’s in public health and a policy fellowship. Dec 14, 2006 68,846 55,216 Last House on the Block, … But here are some: The City of Joy, by Dominique LaPierre. It’s also a question that is answered badly by 90% of candidates. I didn’t want to limit myself to just fixing a patient’s heart or their hormones.” "I didn’t want to limit myself to just fixing a patient’s heart or their hormones" The … and motivations for medicine. Last edited: May 15, 2014. General internal medicine is considered one of the primary care disciplines, along with pediatrics, family medicine, and general obstetrics and gynecology. Article content. How did their insulin regimen get decided on? Primary care physicians, which also includes general internal medicine physicians and pediatricians, are highly needed in a nation whose age demographic is getting older, whose population is carrying more chronic illnesses, and whose health literacy is very poor. What patients do internal medicine doctors typically deal with? 5+ Year Member. Not recommended. Why is it called internal medicine? Attending … I spent most of my first half of internship being really, really miserable. For me, the big decision point in medical school was whether to go into internal medicine and specialize in pulmonary medicine, or whether to go into anesthesiology. Each of these routes has unique features. It comes from the German word innere medizin. Frohna J, Melgar T, Mueller C and Borden S. Internal medicine-pediatrics Residency Training: Current Trends and Outcomes. “It wasn’t really a default choice,” he clarifies. During a recent internal medicine rotation, a senior resident expressed disappointment that I've chosen a career in family medicine. Their residency education typically consists of adults >18 years of age, without obstetrics. [Update] Check out this video on how I now create my own scuttsheets to stay organized on rotations! Here we are concerned with why you want to help, and why through medicine. I have a blend of direct patient care, teaching, and administrative duties. Physicians found the more they understood these subjects, the better equipped they … 3. M4 Applying Psych and IM. Internal medicine is a broad field, so the work of an internist varies. It did not sufficiently differentiate me from other applicants with similar experiences (volunteering, research, etc.) Critical Care Training Programs: There are several pathways by which a physician who is board-certified in Internal Medicine may become eligible to sit for the certificate exam in Critical Care Medicine: (a) A 1-year clinical fellowship in Critical Care after completion of another fellowship (e.g. Although internal medicine is often described as the specialty that focuses on the care of adult patients, that definition belies the interesting origins, the rich history, and the specific features that make internal medicine such an important part of medicine today. By the end of week 3-4, you likely finished skimming your text of choice. 3-years of Cardiology); (b) A two-year Critical Care fellowship; or (3) A 2-year fellowship in General Internal Medicine that has … … Addendum: HIV / ID is one of the higher ones up there. Robert Neumar, M.D., Ph.D. “I became a physician-scientist because I wanted to have the ability to solve peoples’ medical problems both directly through patient care and on a broader scale through discovery of new therapies.”

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