Mobile App/ Web Development

Global Media Venture LLC is a web development company based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Our objective is to offer unmatched service to every client. One way of doing this is to make sure the expectations of all parties are spelled out in writing to prevent any misunderstandings. These are the terms of our agreement together. Global Media Venture LLC respects the rights of all individuals and entities to use and enjoy the Internet as a responsible and valuable means of communication. Its terms of agreement and policies have been developed to best preserve these principles. It appreciates and expects that all its users, and users of the Internet worldwide, will adhere to ethics of common sense, mutual respect, and decency.


The Primary Features of the Mobile/ Web App shall be:

  1. Telegram bot (MPWT Hotline) Development
  2. Designed PHP platform and database
  3. Fully Managed
  4. Notification Feature for the Admin and Registered/Subscribed Users.
  5. Database Management Feature

    Pay your Mobile App/ Web Development $500/ M