Logo Design & Branding

Global Media Venture will design your mobile-friendly, modern, SEO-savvy website. One of the things we’ll discuss with you is how your logo and graphics can help your company grow.

People can feel positive about your company if you have a successful branding campaign. Your logo can help customers get to know your brand and trust products or services that are labeled with it.


Imagine yourself walking through a grocery store looking for a soda. You will be drawn to the cans you recognize, regardless of whether you are a Pepsi or Coca-Cola fan. These cans are familiar and feel like friends you have welcomed into your home many times.


A strong brand requires a logo designer. A unique logo is key to your success in marketing campaigns.

When you think of successful brands, what are the most popular and successful logos? Are you familiar with the Coca-Cola wordmark’s script? Is that the smiling arrow from Amazon? Do you see the Nike “swoosh” on a pair sneakers?


These brands are still well-known, even if you don’t like Nikes or Amazon and you prefer Pepsi over Coca-Cola. This is a great logo. Now is the right time to review your logo if you are working with Big D Creative on a website that will have responsive design and other SEO friendly features.


Does your logo represent something about your company when someone visits your site? Is the font a key element in the first impression people have about your company? Do you have a business image that is so simple, words don’t seem necessary? (think Apple)

We’ll discuss your goals and plan for your new logo and then we’ll look at some “best practices” in designing a graphic you can use throughout your digital home, including on your website, social media pages, boxes, bags, and ads in the real world.


Your company is unique. Your logo should reflect that.


If you are trying to follow the lead of a more established competitor, don’t let anyone mistake your logo as another company’s.


This will not only backfire if your competitor takes legal action against you, but it also means that your brand isn’t unique among your competitors.


Why would a customer choose you over the brand he already trusts? A unique, honest logo can give you a competitive edge.


Avoid cluttered graphics and fonts that are too large.


Think of successful brands and the simplicity of their logos. Apple is an Apple, McDonald’s a giant yellow “m”. The logo could be for any automaker.


Just a few lines of graceful letters or words will let you know that you are looking at a Mercedes-Benz or Toyota or a BMW.


Your logo design should be as bold and exciting as these big-name companies. A business logo should be simple and easy to read.

Your logo is an important part of your brand, whether you are a small business owner trying to establish a brand or an established company with many customers.


Logo design is not an instant process. You’ll likely look at several versions before you choose the best one for you. You might consider different colors, backgrounds, and sizes before you settle on the right logo for your company.


It is hard to overestimate the value of working with a professional designer. It is easy to distinguish websites that were designed using MS Paint in a horrible font like Papyrus from those where a professional graphic designer created a professional logo.


Global Media Venture’s talented graphic designers and artists will help you create a logo that is memorable and appealing to your customers.