what breed of dog do the obama family have

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The Obama's moved into their new $4.3m home since leaving the White House. Sylvia-Stasiewicz trained a Portuguese water dog puppy that in April 2009 made his debut as Bo, the first dog to President Obama and his family. There are the Obamas’ dogs named Bo and Sunny who were fortunate enough to have a pawsome puppy party while that first family was still in the … The puppy was a gift from Sen. Edward Kennedy, who has three "Porties." The dog is a gift from Sen. Ted Kennedy, who owns three dogs of the same breed, known for high spirits and said to be a good fit for kids with allergies (such as Malia). Barack and Michelle Obama were without pets prior to the 2008 election, but promised their daughters they could get a dog when the family moved into the White House. In case you don’t know them: Bo, age 8, is the one in the white socks of different heights, and until noon Friday, he was the First Dog of the United States. Sunny, who will join the Obamas' four-year-old dog Bo , was described by the White … Sunny, age 4, is the one in all black. The First Family need a First Dog ... the intelligence and work ethic of the more traditional breed of guide dog. The Obama family gets to know their Portuguese water dog, which daughters Sasha and Malia have named Bo. 5. The former first family's pups, Sunny and Bo, were seen going on a stroll with a new dog walker in Washington. In 2018, dogs Bo and Sunny, who lived in The White House with the Obama family, both now live in DC’s Kalorama neighborhood with the Obama family. On the first day of spring, in March 2017, Michelle Obama tweeted a photo of the dogs on a walk. Although the breed was first recorded by a monk in the late 13th cenutry, they’ve become particularly well-known in the past decade. This is thanks to former U.S. President Barack Obama and his family, who had two Portuguese Water Dogs—Bo and Sunny—during their time in the White House. But her success may yet have an effect on the capital's human affairs. Unfortunately, her work is limited to training dogs. They selected Bo, a Portuguese Water Dog, partly due to Malia Obama's allergies and the need for a hypoallergenic pet. President Barack Obama and his family welcomed Sunny, a one-year-old female Portuguese Water Dog, to the family on Monday, according to the White House. The president and his family have a Portuguese water dog named Bo, and for a while, he was the favorite because he was the only dog the Obama family had. A few weeks ago, there was a secret get-acquainted session with Bo and the Obama family at the White House. Her biggest assignment brought joy to the White House.

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