E-Commerce Websites

Are you ready to redesign your e-commerce website? Are you ready to enter the e-commerce market for the first time. Global Media Venture provides a complete range of e-commerce web design services, from concept to execution.


We’ll discuss your company’s goals for e-commerce and touch on various tools that combine responsive design with traditional user needs such as search bars, product descriptions, graphics, easy-to-use navigations, and graphic search bars.


E-commerce sites must follow the same design guidelines as other websites and offer customers an easy, secure, and pleasant shopping experience. Continue reading to learn what an ecommerce website needs to succeed in a competitive online marketplace.

You’re familiar with the low conversion rate of traditional banner ads in Internet marketing. It can be difficult to get more than a small percentage of your newsletter subscribers to open an email.


Although thousands of people may view your banner advertisement, how many will click on it and make a purchase or stay on the target site for more than a few seconds?


When designing your e-commerce website we will make sure that you have the best possible user experience. This will lead to more conversions. How can you increase sales?


Take into account: E-commerce web design success is more than just creating a shopping cart.

A search bar makes it simple for customers to find the products they are looking for. This is one of the easiest ways to increase sales. Smart web development and user-friendly design are required in order to achieve this. We’re experts at each of these areas.


Sites that encourage people to make purchases will also have a search bar that makes it easy for users to locate products. We’re not talking here about a blank page that leads to unorganized results.


The search bar should give suggestions to your customers as they type. After they hit “enter”, their search terms should be highlighted in the search results. Although these features may seem simple, think about when you last searched on a website that presented poor search results.


Did the search prompt you to visit the site or did you just quickly click the “back” button to go to another one?

Professional photography can make your products and services appear professional. But, there is more to a product page that a great photo. The price that your customers see is just as important as the photo.


They don’t need to register to view a price and they don’t want to wait to check out the cost of their purchase. We’ll design your product pages so that your customers don’t have to search the internet for information such as the price, description and details.


We will show you how to make your e-commerce website successful. This includes product reviews, listing related products, and more. We have hundreds of websites under our belts and know what works.

It might seem overwhelming to understand what is required for a professional, successful e-commerce site.


Are you able to provide everything your customers need, from a powerful search option to detailed product pages and a simple yet secure shopping cart? Global Media Venture is your e-commerce web designer company. Request your free quote.