About Our Company

Global Media Venture LLC 

No. F88 Street 579, Sangkat Chrouy Changva Phnom Penh, 12110

Email: info@globalmediaventure.com

Registered Number: L19148

Suite 556

Hunkins Waterfront Plaza Main Street Charlestown, Nevis

Global Media Venture LLC is an IT / Web Development Company headquartered in Phnom Penh , Cambodia. We specialize in the development and operations of websites that cover major areas and domains like news, e-commerce, classifieds, business and finance, trade, travel, and social sectors. We focus on developing interactive and users friendly web applications, design services, and social media marketing.

We are eager to challenge ourselves as we continue to explore developing technologies while offering quality service and delivering innovative products which our clients appreciate. With interests in independent and innovative tech ventures, we look to open new opportunities for our clients, investors and partners.